Collection to the lineage (Family name) of the


to Thunstetten (Bützberg), Kt. Bern, Switzerland and other places


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I collect arms, information, documents, objects, trunks, stories, etc. about and from the sexes (family names) Rickli, in every spelling (Ricklj, Rickly, Rickley, Rickle, Rikli, Riklj, Rikly, etc.) and any origin (Bern, Bleienbach, Gondiswil, Kleindietwil, Madiswil, Wangenried, Wangen on the Aare, etc.).

I would like to share some of this information with other family researchers and interested parties, and I am very pleased to receive information, offers, mailings and inquiries from you on my address listed under "E-Mail". The information given here is neither complete, nor complete, without errors and is always supplemented or corrected.

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