Wood craftsman  
with specialized area wooden bars construction / mills construction

My explanations or theory:

When I went to school, we were concerned with the meaning of our family names during a prio week. At that time I was instructed by the teacher that in the village (Thunstetten-Bützberg) it was assumed that Rickli had something to do with the timber construction and possibly with the specialization on mills. He also mentioned something of an old drive technology with sprouts (predecessors of the bicycles) which might have something to do with the word Rickli. With a trained locksmith and farrier from our area, I once asked if he knew the expression for this wooden gear system. He then explained to me that these gears were designated as lock wheels. In the area of ​​the old mill construction, I could only find that the regulation regulates the water inflow on the mill wheel, partly in the east Switzerland as Rickli was designated.

These interpretations are also supported by the half-mill wheel and partly by the carpenter's circle in the family crests.

In part, the coat of arms also shows so-called ricken (shooting ranges) instead of half the Mühlerad as they occur in walls of fortified buildings.

The interpretation of the direction of timber has a connection directly with the word Rickli or Riggli in the language area Thunstetten-Buetzberg because one of the timber frame "Rigbou" has operated as "Riggli" could have been called.

At the moment we have a "Rigli" with us around Thunstetten-Bützberg. on a latch.

If one looks at the main interpretation of the idiotikon and the regional language from the surroundings of Thunstetten-Bützberg, one can assume a connection between a part of the coat of arms and the meaning of the word Rickli as probable.

According to Idiotikon (dialect dictionary) of Switzerland 7 ( the following meanings for Rickli (reduced form of Rick) are possible over the whole Swiss-speaking area or certain regions.

In orange the Bernese and red the regional, around Thunstetten-Bützberg, language area.

My summary:

Rick: (shortening Rickli) 7

1. (craft) series of columns (bar construction or Rigbou u Righuus) in timber construction.

2. (Budget) The wrinkles of the shirt against the collar and the cuffs too.

a. (Agriculture) Enclosed enclosure with fence or moat for cattle

b. (Forestry) densely covered with undergrowth in the high forest, as a refuge for the game. A ruined rick is an almost impenetrable thicket, which must be thrown through.

c. (Settlement) group of close-standing or assembled old houses / buildings or the narrow space between them.

d. (Landscape condition) Deepening / trough on a mountain slope downwards mostly narrowing bottleneck.

e. (Landscaping) Rickli, steep ascending / descending mountain side, steeply entangled mountain trail.

f. great range

a. (Craft / household) Rickli, loop, loop, Lätsch or Ringli. Sling from Rosshaaren for birding, Lätsch for knitting, etc.

b. (Symbolic) It has a hook or a (hidden, secret) obstacle. Art grip, gimmick or trick around e.g. something to open. Sly ideas.

5. (pastry) Kt. Schaffhausen specialty (dough strips baked in fat) similar to Schlüüfferli or Schlliifchüechli, but not tinned and not sauteed.

6. (Handicrafts) small bundle Webergarn, a part of a string which has been cut off.

7. (Anatomy) Intestines or entangled intestines in a human or animal body.

As one of the last remarks of the section, Rickli is listed as a surname in the canton of Berne.